What I Ate: Week of 12.14.13

Trying something new. Here’s a round-up of things consumed this week.

Grilled Cheese Adas Small

Grilled cheese sandwich with apple compote at Ada’s Technical Books and Cafe | Seattle, WA

This place is seriously cute. It’s a bookstore for the “tech community”. I’ll be honest, I was only there for lunch. From what I’ve read on Yelp, its the perfect place to get your techie/nerdy friends gifts. Think non-fiction, science and programming. All I know is that my sandwich was very delicious! 

Chicken Wings Bai Tong

Bai Tong Restaurant | Tukwila, WA

Bai Tong is my family’s go to for Thai food. The photo above was something I accidentally ordered. I meant to order the Crispy Garlic Chicken- which is amazingly delicious! Luckily my Dad ended up ordering it.

We order family style when we come here. My top picks are Tom Ka, Chicken and Shrimp Phad Thai, Pad-Sei-Iew, Panang Curry and of course the Crispy Garlic Chicken. I also love the Papaya Salad- but for some reason it always gives me heartburn. Haha, I know, TMI. 

Volcano Roll

Volcano Roll at Oishii Teriyaki & Rolls | Bellingham, WA

My husband loves his teriyaki. Love as in- we’ve went to a teriyaki restaurant 3 times this week. Truthfully, I like teriyaki- but I wouldn’t say it’s something that I crave. Luckily most teriyaki places also serve sushi! I ordered the Volcano Roll. It’s good. Not great. Not exciting. But it’s not bad either. (If you want to know, my favorite sushi place is in Seattle. It’s called Liberty.)

Where have you eaten lately? 




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